White Titan Edge, The Slim Watch NE1296BM01

These days, men incline toward watches that suits their identity and style yet are just as highlight rich. This slim Titan Edge originates from their renowned Edge arrangement which is known for flawless styling. This watch parades a rectangular dial, it highlights a white face with strange hour markers and a differentiating cleaned silver bezel which requests consideration. The stainless steel packaging gives incredible security from rust and harm to its inside parts, though the mineral glass cover further keeps it scratch safe. This Titan Edge wa tch utilizes superb quartz component for exact split second exact timekeeping.

Flexibility and Durability Combined

This Titan men’s watch brags a multi-shading designed stainless steel strap that holds it together and shields it from unintentional knocks, which may happen because of every day utilization. This makes this watch very sturdy. The push catch sending fasten is intended to safely hold this watch to your wrist. The Titan simple men’s watch is water safe up to a profundity of 30m, so on the off chance that you are displaying this watch at a get-together, a coincidental beverage spill will at present keep this timepiece running. This classy Titan simple watch can be cooperated with your work wear or for any formal occasion to add a trendy edge to your clothing.