Titan Octane Chronograph Silver Dial Men’s Watch – 9308BM01

Titan watches present a sophisticated and virile timepiece, Titan Octane 9308BM01 men’s wrist watch. It belongs to Titan Octane collection and its features include water resistance, stainless steel case, white colored dial and chronograph functiolity making it a popular choice in men’s watches. Titan Octane 9308BM01 comes with 2 years company warranty and is available with free shipping. Delivery options accessible all throughout India with a short duration period.

Chronographs are wristwatches combined with stopwatches, historically used by airplane pilots. Even though there are some really complicated chronographs out there, the most basic function is the independent sweep hand.  This can be started and stopped and is used for precise time measurement. Originally the chronograph watch was invented for the use of tracking astronomical objects! Nowadays chronographs and chronometers are used also used when car racing, diving and submarine maneuvering. And of course, for men to look good!

The Titan chronograph watches are splendid timepieces and appears in many titan collections! They are watches for men, not even limited by the sky above…

The Titan Company started making titan watches for men 1986 and is now the fifth largest watch maker in the world! They create elegant watches in many different collections,  you have the titan sports watch,  the thin elegant Titan Edge watches, and the hi-tech Titan HTSE watches. Take your time with the Titan watches collection!

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