Titan HTSE Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – 1541KL01

Band Material used in this Titan Watch is leather calfskin

Over the past 25 years the Titan name has become synonymous with durability, dependability and design. Manufacturing over 13 million watches a year, Titan Industries has grown into the fifth largest watch company in the world. With a loyal customer base in over 40 different countries, a Titan watch is purchased every 3 seconds somewhere in the world. As of late 2012, Titan watches have become available for sale in America, strengthening the brand and emphasizing the integrity that the Titan name has always stood for.

One of the main reasons that Titan Industries has flourished so greatly over their industrious career is the fact that Titan has never been afraid to innovate and is always striving to lead instead of to follow. For example, Titan created the EDGE collection, which challenges all other timepiece companies. With a movement of only 1.15mm thick and a case thickness of a mere 3.5mm, the EDGE collection is one of the slimmest watches ever created.

Titan then followed up by inventing the HTSE Series, again surpassing the limits of what the watch industry perceived to be possible. The HTSE Series by Titan is a collection of completely self-energized watches that recharge their batteries with light. The futuristic watches are so sensitive that even the mere flicker of a candle is enough to recharge its internal battery for a watch that is sure to last you a lifetime.

The Raga Collection is another great achievement by Titan. Realizing that women are often forgotten by watch companies and most timepieces that are actually made for women are either improperly sized or often times lacking in feminine design, Titan took it upon themselves to make the change and shake up the watch industry once again. The Raga Collection has simultaneously turned a functional timepiece into a sophisticated piece of jewelry, making it clear that Titan has been inspired by the modern woman.

Titan has always strived to reinvent the boundaries in the watch world. Titan is part of the $90 billion conglomerate, The Tata Group, which is one of the world’s largest companies better known for Jaguar, Land Rover and Daewoo Automotive, Luxury Hotels, Software Corporations, Telecommunications and Major Steel Companies around the world. Hence, you have the peace-of-mind knowing that Titan Industries will stand behind their product and continue to create the newest in technologically functional and impeccably designed timepieces.

The HTSE series by titan is simply in a technological class itself. HTSE stands for high tech self energized… And that is exactly what these watches ensue. HTSE is a collection of futuristic, light powered watches that are completely self-efficient to the point of energizing and charging themselves. These watches are so light sensitive that even the light from a mere flicker of a candle is enough to charge the battery and keep the movement incredibly accurate. Combined with geometric case designs, anthracite colors and perforated dials, an HTSE is a must-have for every watch aficionado. This water resistant watch features a black colored stainless steel case and is perfectly complimented by its black dial and mineral crystal. If that isn’t enough, this accurate 2-hand quartz movement watch also has a unique rotating disc displaying the 24 hour time and black calfskin belt with buckle making it among the most practical, durable and advanced timepieces you can own.

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