The collocation of Titan Raga watches for women

The collocation of Titan Raga watches for women has no special provisions or habit, in fact, these cultural mainly comes from western countries, as long as wear decent.

(1) Watch, choose from the skin. Everyone has a different color of skin. Most suitable for the yellow color is clear, a high concentration of fresh color, pink, blue, red, and so on will make people look radiant, and glamor. People with fair skin can easily determine your basic colors, so many colors can be used as a base color. And skin color is black, no matter how should not choose pink and green as the base color. If a color of skin is slant black even dull brown, brown is absolutely not a primary color skin yellowing podge. Please stay away from red, and yellow, they cannot become your base color. And a color of skin is dark but should choose to compare and lively colors as the basic color. From your own skin, chose your basic color, can consider whether the watch color is suitable for you when purchasing. So consider size is also considering the temperament. Big strong should choose a big dial watch,
(2) Raga ladies watches, choose from size. The body tends to decide a person’s temperament. The kind of style of modeling and slightly rough can choose military ladies watches even such alternative phenotypes. And a person, whose size is thin should choose to deal smaller ladies collection. The general shape is easy to choose, the occasional big table can increase people’s strong momentum while small Raga ladies watches can appear inside collect some modesty.

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Have your own suitable watch, starting from the basic color and size. According to the color of watch, shape, value, you can elaborate collocate your clothing. Clothing is always more than the watch, so put the watch as a starting point, you can don’t worry about no suitable clothing to match, the effect of collocation can bring out the best in each other.

To satisfy the fashionable personage’s enthusiasm for ladies collection, some classic watch brand every year would issue the new mechanical Raga ladies watches. More suitable for those with complex mechanical watch has the study enthusiasm of people. Good leather table, use the quality of the leather making the Titan Raga watches for women looks very noble. But this kind of ladies collection requires the wearer careful care, so a leather watch is the most suitable for elegant people to wear. Clothing collocation, mechanical watch are more classic, a leather table is a fashionable taste, but they both suits formal and business dress collocation. Brunet department of clothing with a mechanical watch, a leather watch is a tie-in, can achieve a harmonious result.

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Because the Titan Raga watches for women thin like the card is gentle and generous, ultra-thin ladies watches have no activity of straightforward, suitable for business negotiation, everyday work situations and to work and dress collocation. This kind of watch collocating with velvet fabric clothing can get the unique visual effect.

You can use the grid clothing to match your Raga ladies watches. The benefits of this kind of stainless steel watch are a joker, for concise and bookish looking for stainless steel sheet. With grid coat, collocation also won’t appear too exaggerated.In addition, some new stainless steel ladies watches have a leather strap for replacement, also can wear in casual occasions